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  1. To produce a tool that can be used to visualize and extend the ALS Big Picture Mindmap.
  2. To utilize the mind map to recognize as many potential points of intervention as possible. Examples: MMP-9 downregulation, Hsp-70 upregulation, serotonin upregulation..
  3. To enable a systematic search of substances that could be utilized to change the biological processes identified in the previous step in a desired direction.
  4. To facilitate studies regarding the unwanted side effects of the said substances.



  1. There is a smart-looking semantic interface into Pubmed at that could probably be used to examine the connectedness of different concepts.
  2. I have created a preliminary list of concepts to be included in the search. This list is meant to be updated as the project progresses.
  3. A search robot needs to be coded to utilize the list mentioned in point 2 to perform the searches through the interface in point 1.
  4. The result will probably be a coincidence matrix of some sort. A tool such as Gephi might be useful in visualizing the results.
  5. A better mindmapping tool will be needed to maintain the heuristically created big picture mindmap, the purpose of which is to facilitate recognition of the potential points of intervention.

Project organization:

This is the unresolved part. So far there is only me, with no connections to experts in the data mining or medical sciences. If it is necessary, I will take the task myself, but if there are any research groups or other individuals with ideas on how to do this in a more efficient manner, all contributions are appreciated.


This is pretty much what I have figured out so far. I appreciate any comments on how to proceed with this. If there is anything you want to say, ask or suggest, comment below or send me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..